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Car-Sharing a Reality in New Jersey!

Typical Zipcar Rental

Car-sharing has come to New Jersey, and transit is a big reason why. Zipcar has recently set up locations in several public transit hubs.

The Returning City: Historic Preservation and Transit in the Age of Civic Renewal (2003)

The Returning City

This report demonstrates how transit and historic preservation act in complementary ways to invigorate urban and suburban neighborhoods.

Getting to Smart Growth II: 100 More Policies for Implementation (2003)

Getting to Smart Growth II

This manual for Smart Growth implementation offers 10 policy recommendations for each of 10 Smart Growth goals.

Parking Spaces/Community Places: Finding the Balance Through Smart Growth Solutions (2006)

Parking Spaces/Community Places

This report provides a summary of the costs of parking, the dubious criteria parking requirements are based on and offers alternative strategies.

Belmar and Netcong Developers Chosen

Proposed Netcong Transit Village Plan

Belmar and Netcong have chosen developers for major mixed-use TOD projects surrounding their train stations.

Riverside Renaissance: Two Major Projects Announced

Watchcase Tower on Golden Triangle

Riverside Township in Burlington County has recently announced two major projects in its transit village district.

Rahway Update: Projects, Projects, Projects!

Since Rahway was featured in our first issue, a lot has been happening in this Transit Village as it continues toward its redevelopment goals.

A “New Town” TOD in Connecticut: The Gilbert & Bennett Wire Mill Redevelopment Project


A Connecticut wire mill that went bankrupt after 180 years of operation has found new life thanks to Smart Growth and TOD.

PenTrans: Advocates for TOD in Pennsylvania


A number of organizations in Pennsylvania have become involved in the support and application of TOD throughout the Keystone State, such as PenTrans.

TOD on the Other Side of Jersey City: West Side Avenue Station

West Campus Rendering

In Jersey City, three blocks from the West Side Avenue Station, new townhomes and lofts are being built by Centex Homes.

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