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Changes Afoot for the Transit-Friendly Development Newsletter

To Our Readers:

After eight years of publication, the Transit-Friendly Development Newsletter is moving to a new home. Since 2005, the Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Center (VTC) at Rutgers University, in partnership with NJ TRANSIT, has produced the Transit-Friendly Development Newsletter (TFDN). It has brought transit-oriented development news, features, and events from New Jersey and around the country to municipal officials, planners, and advocates. But since that first issue, the ways that you, our readers, access news has evolved. To keep up with these changes, in early 2013 the Transit-Friendly Development Newsletter will move to a new website, NJTOD.org. The new website will allow us to provide information more frequently and to integrate other features, especially other online media such as videos and social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn. You will still receive notice of new articles, compiled four times a year, but now you will also be able to subscribe to these social networks to get up-to-date information. The new website will feature both current and archived articles, as well as recent TOD research undertaken at VTC, such as measuring the benefits of TOD, a research project sponsored by NJ TRANSIT that is now nearing completion.

We hope that these changes will improve your access to insightful, relevant TOD news from New Jersey and across the nation. As always, if you have any questions or comments about the newsletter, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Transit-Friendly Development Newsletter Staff at NJ TRANSIT and VTC

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