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Coworking Adds Flexible Office Space to Transit-Rich Locations

A recent trend in office space, known as coworking, could potentially help transit-oriented developments increase diversity of uses among their mixed-use structures.

Coworking is an office or business setting where individuals share work environments but are not employed by the same organization. These shared spaces provide the comforts of a modern office environment to many employees who work independently or remotely. In addition to providing high quality business services, coworking provides spaces where workers can collaborate and interact face-to-face with fellow workers, clients, and others. The communal nature of coworking locations, and the opportunities for partnership that they create, are often as important as the facilities they provide.

What We Are Reading: January/February 2015

Welcome to a new feature on NJTOD.org, “What We Are Reading.”  Here, we will present some recent news and notes on transit-oriented development trends both here in New Jersey and nationally.


Apartments, retail proposed in Hawthorne
By Kristie Cattafi, The Gazette (Hawthorne Edition), January 29, 2015
The Bedrin Organization has proposed a six-building mixed-income, mixed use transit-oriented development on a site 1,300 feet from NJ TRANSIT’s Hawthorne Station. Plans for Rivergate include 244 units, including 22 affordable units, 6,000 square feet of retail and 4,000 square of office space.

$55 million redesign, two-story building planned for Elizabeth NJ Transit station
By Katie Lannan, NJ Advance Media for NJ.

Financing Transit-Oriented Development with Land Values

Financing Transit-Oriented Development with Land Values, land value capture (LVC) techniques for developing countries, with application for the US.

For Two Midwestern Cities, the Future of Buses is Now
The Second in a Two-Part Series on Bus Rapid Transit & TOD in America

Cleveland couples incentives with coordinated plans for land use and bus-rapid transit to yield billions in TOD investment

Smaller Housing Adds Affordable, Livable Options near Transit

A trend toward smaller housing units, such as microunits and accessory dwelling units, can create more livable opportunities near transit.

For Two Midwestern Cities, the Future of Buses is Now
The First in a Two-Part Series on Bus Rapid Transit & TOD in America

In some Pittsburgh neighborhoods, bus rapid transit is playing an integral role in spurring investment for residents rebuilding for the 21st century.

Resources Highlight Maryland’s TOD Potential

A new online resource released by the State of Maryland promotes TOD policies and opportunities at the state’s more than 100 transit station

US EPA: Smart Location Mapping

The EPA’s Smart Location Mapping is a valuable resource for assessing the linkage between land use/urban form and its effects on transportation.

LISC: Our Investments in Transit-Oriented Development

Four Corners Neighborhood Map

Promoting the welfare of existing residents and newcomers alike is the goal when the Local Initiatives Support Corporation takes on a TOD project.

“Inner M&E” Strategic Corridor Plan: Final Presentation

The intent of this project is to bring together Orange, East Orange and Newark to create a mutually beneficial strategic planning effort.

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