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Special Feature: StreetFilms Focuses on TOD

In February 2011, StreetFilms launched its new video series “Moving Beyond the Automobile” with a 3-minute look at TOD efforts in Hudson County.

Who in New Jersey Lives Near Transit?

Park Square

Throughout the nation, for a large and growing part of the population living near transit is an important consideration when choosing where to live.

Q & A with Rahway’s Mayor James Kennedy

James Kennedy

At the occasion of Mayor James Kennedy’s final term of office, we had the opportunity to ask him a few questions about Rahway’s TOD efforts.

New Year, New Start to TOD in New Jersey

Facing the ongoing implications of the state’s economic situation, we can reflect on the past and take the opportunity to reassess priorities.

Seven New Jersey Resources Supporting TOD


Following is a sampling of programs designed to support TOD in New Jersey.

Proposed Federal TOD Grants & Interagency “Sustainable Communities” Initiative

The Senate Banking Committee introduced legislation in August that, if passed, would spur better land use practices.

ARC to Bring TOD Opportunities to NJ’s Rail Towns

ARC Tunnels

A pair of much needed new passenger rail tunnels underneath the Hudson River connecting New Jersey and New York City is becoming a reality.

The Case for Sustainability Through Transit-Oriented Development

Gaslight Commons South Orange

Sustainability through TOD means reducing auto dependency, restoring transit infrastructure, and recycling urban land.

Transit-Oriented Housing – Shelter in a Storm?

Shifting Demand Patterns: The Demand Hour Glass

Despite the ongoing housing slump (and the economic collapse), inner-ring towns with rail service to New York City have outpaced the overall market.

Transit Terminal Anchors Camden Redevelopment

Cooper Vision Plan

The Walter Rand Transportation Center shows promise as an anchor of development in a city regarded as the poster child for the state’s urban woes.

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