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This Issue’s Focus: Parking in TOD

This issues will focus on parking issues, with articles on best management, interviews, and helpful literature resources.

How to Handle Parking — Interviews with Experts

Robert Goldsmith

We interviewed experts about parking demand, design, financing, and management, asking them to spotlight major issues and possible solutions.

Municipal Spotlight: New Brunswick’s Redevelopment Enhanced by Transit

Heldrich under construction

On the rise since the mid-1980s and designated as a transit village in 2005, New Brunswick has become an attractive place to work, live and play.

TOD Housing in a Slowing Market


To understand the current trends in the New Jersey and national housing markets, we spoke with representatives from several different disciplines.

Utilizing a Form-Based Planning Approach in Dover, New Jersey

Dover Station — A Vision for the Future and Current Conditions (inset)

Dover used a form-based code planning approach in its TOD-based planning effort in the area surrounding its train station.

Municipal Spotlight: Dover’s Revitalization Moves Forward using TOD

Dover has declared a desire to redevelop and attract more businesses and housing, including the use of the Blackwell Historic District.

Consensus Building in TOD

This issue of Transit-Friendly Development highlights several examples in which consensus building played a major role in successful TOD initiatives.

Building Consensus in Transit-Oriented Development

It is vital to understand the needs and desires of those affected by the changes TOD brings, in order to build consensus among all involved parties.

Hot Issue: Eminent Domain in New Jersey

Sign Seen in a New Jersey Redevelopment Area

Eminent domain – the taking of private property for public use and a tool often used in TOD – has become one of the most debated issues in planning.

Municipal Spotlight: Collingswood, The Comeback City

LumberYard Sales Office

While retaining its “Smalltown USA” style, Collingswood has been transformed by several major projects into an destination for residents and visitors.

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