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TOD Housing in a Slowing Market


To understand the current trends in the New Jersey and national housing markets, we spoke with representatives from several different disciplines.

Utilizing a Form-Based Planning Approach in Dover, New Jersey

Dover Station — A Vision for the Future and Current Conditions (inset)

Dover used a form-based code planning approach in its TOD-based planning effort in the area surrounding its train station.

Municipal Spotlight: Dover’s Revitalization Moves Forward using TOD

Dover has declared a desire to redevelop and attract more businesses and housing, including the use of the Blackwell Historic District.

Consensus Building in TOD

This issue of Transit-Friendly Development highlights several examples in which consensus building played a major role in successful TOD initiatives.

Building Consensus in Transit-Oriented Development

It is vital to understand the needs and desires of those affected by the changes TOD brings, in order to build consensus among all involved parties.

Hot Issue: Eminent Domain in New Jersey

Sign Seen in a New Jersey Redevelopment Area

Eminent domain – the taking of private property for public use and a tool often used in TOD – has become one of the most debated issues in planning.

Municipal Spotlight: Collingswood, The Comeback City

LumberYard Sales Office

While retaining its “Smalltown USA” style, Collingswood has been transformed by several major projects into an destination for residents and visitors.

Car-Sharing a Reality in New Jersey!

Typical Zipcar Rental

Car-sharing has come to New Jersey, and transit is a big reason why. Zipcar has recently set up locations in several public transit hubs.

Light Rail Spurs New Development

Midday Riders on River LINE

New Jersey’s two light rail lines form valuable links to existing transportation infrastructure, providing riders more options for destinations.

Practitioner Spotlight: New Urbanist Firm Emphasizes Transit-Oriented Design

Downtown Collingswood Redevelopment Simulation

For the past two decades, A. Nelessen Associates in Belle Mead, NJ has been involved in projects utilizing transit-oriented urban design principles.

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