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Issue 10

ARC to Bring TOD Opportunities to NJ’s Rail Towns

ARC Tunnels

A pair of much needed new passenger rail tunnels underneath the Hudson River connecting New Jersey and New York City is becoming a reality.

Getting to Work: Reconnecting Jobs with Transit (2008)

Getting to Work

This report documents the commuting habits of New Jerseyans and the connection between the pattern of employment and transportation challenges.

TOD 202: Station Area Planning: How to Make Great Transit-Oriented Places (2008)

Station Area Planning

This handbook is designed to promote best practices in transit-oriented development by simplifying the complex decisions involved in planning for TOD.

Cranford Advances Riverfront Project

Cranford riverfront site

The township of Cranford has been focusing on downtown issues for over two decades since it gained the downtown Special Improvement District.

Denver Links Affordable Housing with Transit

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation in February recently granted $2 million in low interest loans to Enterprise Community Partners.

Battling Sprawl in Tysons Corner, Virginia

Tysons Corner, Virginia, has launched effort to retrofit its sprawling landscape into a more dense environment that could serve as a national model.

New TOD Resource: Metro New York TOD Newsletter to Launch

The Voorhees Transportation Center is pleased to announce the launch of a new e-publication, the Metro New York TOD Newsletter.

Two New Jersey Cities Receive Regional Grants

Newark and Trenton in March received $20,000 each from the Tri-State Transportation Campaign to promote TOD near their bus and rail stations.

Former Hive of Industry, Harrison Redevelops with Transit

Red Bull Arena

Located across the Passaic River from Newark, the town of Harrison’s past and future is intrinsically linked to its public transit accessibility.

Somerville Landfill Redevelopment Stalled by Recession; Downtown Somerville Awarded Improvement Loan

Redevelopment plans for the former landfill site near Somerville’s Raritan Valley Line station have been delayed, a victim of economic uncertainty.

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