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TOD and Complete Streets Work Together

New York City

As TOD gains momentum, accommodating people who want to live, work, and play near transit, “Complete Streets” has emerged to bolster TOD.

Special Feature: StreetFilms Focuses on TOD

In February 2011, StreetFilms launched its new video series “Moving Beyond the Automobile” with a 3-minute look at TOD efforts in Hudson County.

Complete Streets: Best Policy and Implementation Practices. PSA Report Number 559 (2010)

Complete Streets: Best Policy and Implementation Practices

The APA recently released a Planning Advisory Service report on complete streets titled Complete Streets: Best Policy and Implementation Practices.

America Needs Compete Streets, Institute of Transportation Engineers Journal (2011)

America Needs Complete Streets

The authors provide an overview of complete streets, of what a complete streets policy should address, and the effects of its implementation.

Who is TOD in Metro Denver?

Who is TOD in Metro Denver?

In 2009-2010 Denver Regional Council of Governments surveyed residents, employees, and businesses located near 35 rail-transit stations in the region.

23rd Transit Village Announced – City of Linden

Linden station area

In 2010, the City of Linden was designated the 23rd Transit Village by the state-wide program administered by the NJ Department of Transportation.

Work Moves Forward in Riverside

Located a mere 22 minutes from Camden via the RiverLINE, Riverside plans to expand its TOD efforts as New Jersey’s economic fortunes improve.

Garwood – Moving from Industry to TOD

A former industrial city, Garwood is trying to outgrow that past by redeveloping old industrial sites near its NJ Transit station and bus service.

NYC Westside Development

Hudson Yards

On Manhattan’s West Side sits what is arguably the last large area suitable for development in the borough – the 26 acre West Side Yard.

Tri-State Transportation Campaign Grant Awardees

Wyandanch TOD

The Tri-State Transportation Campaign has awarded grants to eight municipalities within New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut for TOD projects.

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