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Issue 7

A New Face of TOD—Bus Rapid Transit

Bus Rapid Transit has emerged as an efficient and affordable investment concept for converting urban bus routes into a modern, fast, reliable service.

Special Feature: A Housing Market Perspective of TOD

With the deep slump in New Jersey’s housing market, one bright spot remains—locations that are transit-rich.

Growing Cooler: The Evidence on Urban Development and Climate Change (2008)

Growing Cooler

The Urban Land Institute has issued this report to address growth and developmental strategies designed to curb greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Strengths and Weakness of Bus in Relation to Transit Oriented Development (2005)

Currie offers an assessment of the strengths and weakness of bus transit-oriented development (BTOD) and discusses the issues confronting BTOD.

Towers Rise in Journal Square

Journal Square

The Jersey City Planning Board has granted site plan approval for two mixed-used towers adjacent to the Journal Square PATH station.

Metuchen Takes its Next Step


Metuchen has received a Smart Future grant of $50,000 to continue its public outreach efforts in support of redevelopment.

Cleveland Moves Forward with Bus-Supporting TOD

Cleveland BRT concept

Cleveland has big plans for the Euclid Avenue Corridor that are anchored by the bus-rapid transit Euclid Corridor Transportation Project.

NY Governor Creates Smart Growth Cabinet

Governor Eliot Spitzer has created a New York Smart Growth Cabinet to determine how best to discourage sprawl and promote smart land use practices.

Beacon Embraces Transit-Oriented Development


The city of Beacon, located 60 miles north of New York City, continues with efforts to develop near its newly modernized rail station.

Governor Corzine Signs Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit Act

Governor Jon Corzine has signed the Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit Act to encourage redevelopment and job growth at locations served by transit.

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