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South Jersey Light Rail to Move Forward

SJLR Extension

The Delaware River Port Authority presented its recommendations in May for introducing a PATCO light rail service between Camden and Glassboro.

Newark’s Plans for Broad Street Station District

Newark's Broad Street Station and Newark Light Rail

New Jersey’s largest city, Newark, has embarked on an ambitious plan to capitalize on its recently improved transportation connections.

Land Development at Selected Hudson-Bergen Light Rail Stations (2008)

Land Development at Selected Hudson-Bergen Light Rail Stations

This study builds on a previous VTC study of the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail Line, and also examines development near other stations on the line.

Light Rail Spurs New Development

Midday Riders on River LINE

New Jersey’s two light rail lines form valuable links to existing transportation infrastructure, providing riders more options for destinations.

Denver Becomes Fertile Ground for TOD

Downtown Denver Transit Map (click to enlarge)

By passing a referendum to dedicate local sales tax revenue toward transit development, Denver voters set in motion ambitious transit expansion plans.

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