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Harrison Follows Its Vision Towards Redevelopment

Good planning and transit improvements are helping Harrison reach its redevelopment and TOD goals.

The Importance of Placemaking for Suburban TODs

Guest contributor, Debra Tantleff, discusses how focusing on placemaking can help communities achieve their redevelopment goals.

For Two Midwestern Cities, the Future of Buses is Now
The Second in a Two-Part Series on Bus Rapid Transit & TOD in America

Cleveland couples incentives with coordinated plans for land use and bus-rapid transit to yield billions in TOD investment

For Two Midwestern Cities, the Future of Buses is Now
The First in a Two-Part Series on Bus Rapid Transit & TOD in America

In some Pittsburgh neighborhoods, bus rapid transit is playing an integral role in spurring investment for residents rebuilding for the 21st century.

Resources Highlight Maryland’s TOD Potential

Planning Tools for Transit Oriented Development

A new online resource released by the State of Maryland promotes TOD policies and opportunities at the state’s more than 100 transit station

Redevelopment Plans Lead to Results in Bound Brook

Development, population growth, improved transit service, and planning efforts are helping to create a vibrant TOD community in Bound Brook, NJ.

South Orange: Early NJ Transit Village Continues to Embrace TOD

Two decades of self-assessment, planning, public engagement, and redevelopment help South Orange achieve its TOD goals.

Targeting Transit: Assessing Development Opportunities around New Jersey’s Transit Stations

In Targeting Transit, New Jersey Future’s director of research, Tim Evans, presents a tool that can be used to prioritize TOD investments.

23rd Transit Village Announced – City of Linden

Linden station area

In 2010, the City of Linden was designated the 23rd Transit Village by the state-wide program administered by the NJ Department of Transportation.

Work Moves Forward in Riverside

Located a mere 22 minutes from Camden via the RiverLINE, Riverside plans to expand its TOD efforts as New Jersey’s economic fortunes improve.

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