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Webinar: Making the Case for Transit

Webinar: Making the Case for Transit
April 11, 2018
2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific

Register here: http://americawalks.org/new-webinar-making-the-case-for-transit-april-11-2018/

Presented by America Walks, this webinar will highlight the connections between walking and transit.
Every trip is a walking trip, whether you are on foot the entire way or just to the nearest transit stop. Transit can be a critical partner and advocate in the fight for walkable communities. Working together, we can create livable communities where all members have access to school, work, play, and more. This webinar will feature successful resources, programs, and campaigns on how to make the case for people-first walking and transit solutions.

Manual on Bicycle and Pedestrian Connections to Transit

FTA Report No. 0111 outlines best practices to make transit stations as accessible and safe as possible for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Health in All Policies

“Health in all policies” has become an increasingly important concept as professionals in all arenas seek to improve public and individual health.

TOD’s Health Dividend

TOD can encourage healthy exercise habits and improve the overall community environment by offering transit, walking, and bicycling options.

TOD and Complete Streets Work Together

New York City

As TOD gains momentum, accommodating people who want to live, work, and play near transit, “Complete Streets” has emerged to bolster TOD.

Special Feature: StreetFilms Focuses on TOD

In February 2011, StreetFilms launched its new video series “Moving Beyond the Automobile” with a 3-minute look at TOD efforts in Hudson County.

Bursting the Bubble: Determining Transit-Oriented Development’s Walkable Limits (2007)

Canepa challenges the “half-mile circle” that currently defines the limit of TOD by examining new research that cites variability in this assumption.

Creating Walkable Places (2006)

Creating Walkable Places

This new book explains how to create pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use developments including those with “transit-oriented cores.”

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