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New and Newsworthy: January-February 2018

Recent news and notes on transit-oriented development trends here in New Jersey, in the nation, and beyond.

Transit Supportive Development Forum

On May 24, join NJTPA and other community members to hear about best practices and success stories from those who have made TOD happen in their communities.

Harrison Follows Its Vision Towards Redevelopment

Good planning and transit improvements are helping Harrison reach its redevelopment and TOD goals.

Coworking Adds Flexible Office Space to Transit-Rich Locations

A recent trend in office space, known as coworking, could potentially help transit-oriented developments increase diversity of uses among their mixed-use structures.

Coworking is an office or business setting where individuals share work environments but are not employed by the same organization. These shared spaces provide the comforts of a modern office environment to many employees who work independently or remotely. In addition to providing high quality business services, coworking provides spaces where workers can collaborate and interact face-to-face with fellow workers, clients, and others. The communal nature of coworking locations, and the opportunities for partnership that they create, are often as important as the facilities they provide.

Booming Bloomfield is Growing in all the Right Ways

A range of transit oriented developments and planning efforts are boosting Bloomfield as a key transit hub on the Montclair-Boonton Line.

NJTOD.org Welcomes Courtenay Mercer to its Board

RPA’s Courtenay Mercer joins our board, bringing extensive private- and public-sector land use planning experience to bear.

Redevelopment Plans Lead to Results in Bound Brook

Development, population growth, improved transit service, and planning efforts are helping to create a vibrant TOD community in Bound Brook, NJ.

South Orange: Early NJ Transit Village Continues to Embrace TOD

Two decades of self-assessment, planning, public engagement, and redevelopment help South Orange achieve its TOD goals.

Perth Amboy Fast Tracks its TOD Plans

Perth Amboy Transit District Map

With the goal of transit-oriented redevelopment in mind, in 2013 Perth Amboy undertook TOD planning efforts and is moving to implement those plans.

Wesmont Station Moves Forward

Avalon at Wesmont Station

When completed, Wesmont Station will encompass residential, commercial and recreational uses as well as provide a new transit connection to New York.

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