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Recommended Reading

Briefing Report Number 3: Case Studies for Transit Oriented Development (2009)

Case Studies for TOD

This report offers a useful summary of some of the wide variety of land use and planning techniques that have been used to encourage TOD.

Revitalizing Main Street: A Practitioner’s Guide to Comprehensive Commercial Revitalization (2009)

Revitalizing Main St.

A resource from the National Trust for Historic Preservation offers readers a detailed look at the many aspects of downtown growth and development.

Moving Cooler: An Analysis of Transportation Strategies for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions (2009)

Moving Cooler

Moving Cooler asserts that the US must encourage compact development, reduce driving and expand mass transit use in order to reduce GHG emissions.

Getting to Work: Reconnecting Jobs with Transit (2008)

Getting to Work

This report documents the commuting habits of New Jerseyans and the connection between the pattern of employment and transportation challenges.

TOD 202: Station Area Planning: How to Make Great Transit-Oriented Places (2008)

Station Area Planning

This handbook is designed to promote best practices in transit-oriented development by simplifying the complex decisions involved in planning for TOD.

TCRP Report 128: Effects of TOD on Housing, Parking, and Travel (2008)

Effects of TOD on Housing, Parking, and Travel

This new TCRP report attempts to clarify the relationship between livable communities and transit.

Post Carbon Cities: Planning for Energy and Climate Uncertainty (2007)

Post Carbon Cities

Post Carbon Cities provides a sobering view of the realities faced by local governments with fading energy supply and global climate change.

Land Development at Selected Hudson-Bergen Light Rail Stations (2008)

Land Development at Selected Hudson-Bergen Light Rail Stations

This study builds on a previous VTC study of the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail Line, and also examines development near other stations on the line.

What About Our Schools? (2008)

What About Our Schools?

This report addresses—and dispels—one of the most common public misperceptions hindering TOD proposals.

Design Charrettes for Sustainable Communities (2008)

Design Charrettes for Sustainable Communities

This guide is an excellent resource for anyone interested in introducing charrettes, or design workshops, into the community planning process.

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