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Recommended Reading

Visualizing Density (2007)

Visualizing Density

This book demonstrate the tenets of good density—highlighting locations where density has developed organically or been handled well.

Parking Management Best Practices (2006)

Parking Management Best Practices

The parking management strategies described in this book can help planners increase parking facility efficiency and reduce parking demand.

Paved Over: Surface Parking Lots or Opportunities for Tax-Generating, Sustainable Development? (2006)

Paved Over

This study of the Chicago area examines the potential development benefits through more intensive use of surface parking near transit.

Parking Matters (2006)

Parking Matters

This monograph describes the challenges of financing structured parking in New Jersey urban areas.

Who Lives in New Jersey Housing? (2006)

Who Lives in New Jersey Housing

This publication, an update on national work done 20 years ago, produces demographic information on household size and pupil generation.

Communicating the Benefits of Transit-Oriented Development (2006)

Communicating the Benefits of TOD

This report examines two sub-regions that have capitalized on the benefits realized from transit-oriented “redevelopment” in New Jersey and Illinois.

Building Livable Communities with Transit: Planning, Developing, and Implementing Community-Sensitive Transit (2006)

Building Livable Communities with Transit

The FTA issued this manual to help local governments, transit agencies and planners address community concerns as they develop transit facilities.

Creating Walkable Places (2006)

Creating Walkable Places

This new book explains how to create pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use developments including those with “transit-oriented cores.”

Transit Village Symposium: “Progress and Future” Symposium Proceedings (2006)

Progress and Future

These proceedings cover the Second Transit Village Initiative Symposium held by the Voorhees Transportation Center and held at Rutgers University.

The Returning City: Historic Preservation and Transit in the Age of Civic Renewal (2003)

The Returning City

This report demonstrates how transit and historic preservation act in complementary ways to invigorate urban and suburban neighborhoods.

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