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NYC Westside Development

Hudson Yards

On Manhattan’s West Side sits what is arguably the last large area suitable for development in the borough – the 26 acre West Side Yard.

Tri-State Transportation Campaign Grant Awardees

Wyandanch TOD

The Tri-State Transportation Campaign has awarded grants to eight municipalities within New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut for TOD projects.

New TOD Resource: Metro New York TOD Newsletter to Launch

The Voorhees Transportation Center is pleased to announce the launch of a new e-publication, the Metro New York TOD Newsletter.

Two New Jersey Cities Receive Regional Grants

Newark and Trenton in March received $20,000 each from the Tri-State Transportation Campaign to promote TOD near their bus and rail stations.

New Program: Classic Towns of Greater Philadelphia

Classic Towns of Greater Philadelphia

In July 2008, the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission named 11 communities as inaugural members of the Classic Towns of Greater Philadelphia.

Big Changes Planned for the Yonker’s Waterfront

Yonkers Alexander Street Master Plan

Yonkers Mayor Philip Amicone unveiled a revision of the Alexander Street Master Plan, part of the city’s effort to promote its downtown through TOD.

New York’s Sustainability Commission and the MTA Recommend TOD

New York’s Commission on Sustainability and the MTA have released interim recommendations to promote environmental sustainability through transit.

NY Governor Creates Smart Growth Cabinet

Governor Eliot Spitzer has created a New York Smart Growth Cabinet to determine how best to discourage sprawl and promote smart land use practices.

Beacon Embraces Transit-Oriented Development


The city of Beacon, located 60 miles north of New York City, continues with efforts to develop near its newly modernized rail station.

New York—The City of Beacon Embraces Transit-Oriented Development

Entrance to Beacon Station

Beacon, located 60 miles north of New York City, is becoming a model for transit-oriented brownfields redevelopment.

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