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Regional TOD News

New York’s Sustainability Commission and the MTA Recommend TOD

New York’s Commission on Sustainability and the MTA have released interim recommendations to promote environmental sustainability through transit.

NY Governor Creates Smart Growth Cabinet

Governor Eliot Spitzer has created a New York Smart Growth Cabinet to determine how best to discourage sprawl and promote smart land use practices.

Beacon Embraces Transit-Oriented Development


The city of Beacon, located 60 miles north of New York City, continues with efforts to develop near its newly modernized rail station.

New York—The City of Beacon Embraces Transit-Oriented Development

Entrance to Beacon Station

Beacon, located 60 miles north of New York City, is becoming a model for transit-oriented brownfields redevelopment.

DVRPC Plans for Philadelphia TOD

North Wales Station

Recent SEPTA station-area plans have been developed for regional rail stations in the Philadelphia suburbs and the in the city of Philadelphia.

Vision Long Island Launches Smart Growth Agenda

Vison LI

Vision Long Island has unveiled a 10-point “Smart Growth Agenda” that discusses housing affordability, sustainable development, and mixed-use.

The New York Metropolitan Region Urged to Focus on TOD

In November 2006, the NYU Wagner Rudin Center for Transportation Policy & Management hosted a public forum on TOD in the New York metropolitan region.

Connecticut Companies Implement Employee Parking Reforms

Aetna, the health insurance company, is changing its parking policies in an effort to induce more of its downtown Hartford employees to ride transit.

Governor Rell Wants Connecticut to Pursue TOD

Governor M. Jodi Rell

Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell recently took steps to promote “responsible” growth and transit-oriented development.

Pennsylvania Legislation Fosters TOD

TOD projects in municipalities outside Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are benefiting from Pennsylvania’s Transit Revitalization Investment District Act.

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