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New and Newsworthy: January-February 2016

Recent news and notes on transit-oriented development trends here in New Jersey, in the nation, and beyond.

Work Begins on Metuchen’s Pearl Street Redevelopment

When completed, years of planning will result in new housing, retail, parking and a public piazza in Metuchen’s center.

Smaller Housing Adds Affordable, Livable Options near Transit

A trend toward smaller housing units, such as microunits and accessory dwelling units, can create more livable opportunities near transit.

LISC: Our Investments in Transit-Oriented Development

Four Corners Neighborhood Map

Promoting the welfare of existing residents and newcomers alike is the goal when the Local Initiatives Support Corporation takes on a TOD project.

Preserving Affordability and Access in Livable Communities: Subsidized Housing Opportunities near Transit and the 50+ Population (2009)

Preserving Affordability and Access in Livable Communities

This report surveyed federally-subsidized affordable housing in 20 cities, including New York City and Philadelphia, and their proximity to transit.

Denver Links Affordable Housing with Transit

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation in February recently granted $2 million in low interest loans to Enterprise Community Partners.

The Case for Sustainability Through Transit-Oriented Development

Gaslight Commons South Orange

Sustainability through TOD means reducing auto dependency, restoring transit infrastructure, and recycling urban land.

Special Feature: A Housing Market Perspective of TOD

With the deep slump in New Jersey’s housing market, one bright spot remains—locations that are transit-rich.

Boston Suburb Banking on Big TOD

The construction of a new rail station and the demolition of a General Motors distribution center will lead to a mixed-use TOD in Westwood, MA.

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