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New Brunswick

New Brunswick Launches Wellness Plaza

In late 2012 New Brunswick received a long anticipated Christmas present: the opening of Wellness Plaza.

New Brunswick Rising

Wellness Plaza

When completed in mid-2012, the Gateway will combine residential, commercial and educational uses, and provide additional parking in the downtown.

New Buildings Rise … and to Rise in New Brunswick

RU Nursing

New Brunswick has been redeveloping its rail station area in recent years by strengthening educational, cultural, health care and residential uses.

New Jersey’s Urban Employment Centers Get a Boost

On January 13, Governor Jon Corzine signed the The Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit Act to encourage development around train stations.

New Brunswick Continues to Grow

New Brunswick Cultural Center

Development in downtown New Brunswick continues apace, despite the real estate market downturn.

Municipal Spotlight: New Brunswick’s Redevelopment Enhanced by Transit

Heldrich under construction

On the rise since the mid-1980s and designated as a transit village in 2005, New Brunswick has become an attractive place to work, live and play.

Transit Village Update: New Transit Villages Named!

Journal Square, Jersey City, NJ

On February 15, 2005 New Brunswick and Journal Square in Jersey City, were designated as New Jersey’s newest Transit Villages.

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