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Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit Program

New Brunswick Launches Wellness Plaza

In late 2012 New Brunswick received a long anticipated Christmas present: the opening of Wellness Plaza.

Newark TOD: Capitalizing on Historic Assets

Located only 8 miles from Manhattan, Newark enjoys a number of distinct advantages that makes it an obvious case for transit-oriented development.

Seven New Jersey Resources Supporting TOD


Following is a sampling of programs designed to support TOD in New Jersey.

New Jersey’s Urban Employment Centers Get a Boost

On January 13, Governor Jon Corzine signed the The Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit Act to encourage development around train stations.

Newark’s Plans for Broad Street Station District

Newark's Broad Street Station and Newark Light Rail

New Jersey’s largest city, Newark, has embarked on an ambitious plan to capitalize on its recently improved transportation connections.

New Brunswick Continues to Grow

New Brunswick Cultural Center

Development in downtown New Brunswick continues apace, despite the real estate market downturn.

Paterson Rediscovers Passenger Rail Station

Fabian Theatere

Patterson is beginning to see its station as a hidden opportunity—one that had not previously received a great deal of attention.

Trenton Continues Station Area Redevelopment Efforts

Trenton Station Redevelopment Area

Efforts are underway to capitalize on the $75 million Trenton station improvement project that is scheduled for completion this summer.

Governor Corzine Signs Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit Act

Governor Jon Corzine has signed the Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit Act to encourage redevelopment and job growth at locations served by transit.

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